February 5th All Events

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February 5th, 2008 (February 05 2008)EventA major tornado outbreak across the Southern United States leaves at least 58 dead, the most since the May 31, 1985 outbreak that killed 88.
February 5th, 2008 (February 05 2008)DeathMaharishi Mahesh Yogi, Indian guru, founder of Transcendental Meditation (born in ca. 1917)
February 5th, 2007 (February 05 2007)DeathAlfred Worm, Austrian investigative journalist (born in 1945)
February 5th, 2007 (February 05 2007)DeathLeo T. McCarthy, American politician and 43rd Lieutenant Governor of California (1983-1995) (born in 1930)
February 5th, 2006 (February 05 2006)DeathNorma Candal, Puerto Rican actress and comedian (born in 1930)
February 5th, 2006 (February 05 2006)DeathFranklin Cover, American actor (born in 1928)
February 5th, 2005 (February 05 2005)DeathGnassingbe Eyadema, President of Togo (born in 1937)
February 5th, 2004 (February 05 2004)EventTwenty-three Chinese people drown when a group of 35 cockle-pickers are trapped by rising tides in Morecambe Bay, Englandied in Twenty-one bodies are recovered.
February 5th, 2004 (February 05 2004)EventRebels from the Revolutionary Artibonite Resistance Front capture the city of Gonaives, starting the 2004 Haiti rebellion.
February 5th, 2004 (February 05 2004)DeathJohn Hench, American animator (born in 1908)
February 5th, 2003 (February 05 2003)DeathHelge Boes, American Central Intelligence Agency officer
February 5th, 2000 (February 05 2000)DeathClaude Autant-Lara, French film director (born in 1901)
February 5th, 1999 (February 05 1999)DeathWassily Leontief, Russian economist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1906)
February 5th, 1998 (February 05 1998)DeathTim Kelly, American musician (born in 1963)
February 5th, 1997 (February 05 1997)EventThe so-called Big Three banks in Switzerland announce the creation of a $71 million fund to aid Holocaust survivors and their families.
February 5th, 1997 (February 05 1997)DeathPamela Harriman, English-born American diplomat (born in 1920)
February 5th, 1995 (February 05 1995)DeathDoug McClure, American actor (born in 1935)
February 5th, 1994 (February 05 1994)EventByron De La Beckwith is convicted of the 1963 murder of civil rights leader Medgar Evers.
February 5th, 1994 (February 05 1994)EventDuring the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina more than 60 people are killed and some 200 wounded as a mortar shell slams into a downtown marketplace in Sarajevo.
February 5th, 1993 (February 05 1993)DeathMarcel Leger, Quebec politician (born in 1930)
February 5th, 1993 (February 05 1993)DeathJoseph L. Mankiewicz, American writer, producer, and director (born in 1909)Joseph L. Mankiewicz Quotes
February 5th, 1993 (February 05 1993)DeathTip Tipping, British actor and stuntman (parachuting accident) (born in 1958)
February 5th, 1992 (February 05 1992)DeathMiguel Rolando Covian, Brazilian physiologist (born in 1913)
February 5th, 1991 (February 05 1991)DeathDean Jagger, American actor (born in 1903)
February 5th, 1989 (February 05 1989)BirthCristine Reyes, Filipino actress
February 5th, 1989 (February 05 1989)BirthJeremy Sumpter, American actor
February 5th, 1988 (February 05 1988)EventManuel Noriega is indicted on drug smuggling and money laundering charges.
February 5th, 1987 (February 05 1987)DeathWilliam Collier, American film and stage actor (born in 1902)
February 5th, 1986 (February 05 1986)BirthReed Sorenson, American racecar driver
February 5th, 1986 (February 05 1986)BirthBilly Sharp, English footballer
February 5th, 1986 (February 05 1986)BirthManuel Fernandes, Portuguese footballer
February 5th, 1985 (February 05 1985)BirthLaurence Maroney, American football player
February 5th, 1985 (February 05 1985)BirthCristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer
February 5th, 1985 (February 05 1985)BirthCrystal Hunt, American actress
February 5th, 1985 (February 05 1985)BirthLindsey Cardinale, American singer
February 5th, 1985 (February 05 1985)DeathGeorges-Emile Lapalme, Quebec politician (born in 1907)
February 5th, 1984 (February 05 1984)BirthCarlos Tevez, Argentinine footballer
February 5th, 1984 (February 05 1984)BirthNate Salley, American football player
February 5th, 1984 (February 05 1984)DeathRodolfo Guzman Huerta, Mexican wrestler and film actor (born in 1917)
February 5th, 1982 (February 05 1982)BirthAidin Nikkhah Bahrami, Iranian basketball player (died in 2007)
February 5th, 1982 (February 05 1982)BirthRodrigo Palacio, Argentine footballer
February 5th, 1982 (February 05 1982)BirthKevin Everett, American football player
February 5th, 1982 (February 05 1982)BirthTomas Kopecky, Ice hockey player
February 5th, 1981 (February 05 1981)BirthNora Zehetner, American actress
February 5th, 1981 (February 05 1981)BirthLoukas Vyntra, Greek football player
February 5th, 1981 (February 05 1981)DeathElla Grasso, Governor of Connecticut (born in 1919)
February 5th, 1980 (February 05 1980)BirthBrad Fitzpatrick, American programmer
February 5th, 1980 (February 05 1980)BirthPrince Peter, American-born Yugoslav royalty
February 5th, 1980 (February 05 1980)BirthJo Swinson, British politician
February 5th, 1980 (February 05 1980)BirthRobin Vik, Czech tennis player
February 5th, 1978 (February 05 1978)BirthShawn Reaves, American actor
February 5th, 1978 (February 05 1978)BirthBrian Russell, American football player
February 5th, 1977 (February 05 1977)BirthBen Ainslie, British sailor
February 5th, 1977 (February 05 1977)BirthAdam Everett, American baseball player
February 5th, 1977 (February 05 1977)BirthAhmad Merritt, American football player
February 5th, 1977 (February 05 1977)DeathOskar Klein, Swedish physicist (born in 1894)
February 5th, 1976 (February 05 1976)BirthTony Jaa, Thai actor
February 5th, 1976 (February 05 1976)BirthAbhishek Bachchan, Indian actor
February 5th, 1976 (February 05 1976)BirthJohn Aloisi, Australian footballer
February 5th, 1976 (February 05 1976)BirthBrian Moorman, American football player
February 5th, 1976 (February 05 1976)DeathRudy Pompilli, American musician (Bill Haley and His Comets) (born in 1926)
February 5th, 1975 (February 05 1975)BirthGiovanni van Bronckhorst, Dutch footballer
February 5th, 1975 (February 05 1975)BirthAdam Carson, American musician (AFI)
February 5th, 1974 (February 05 1974)EventJohn Murtha becomes the first Vietnam War veteran elected to the Congress of the United States.
February 5th, 1973 (February 05 1973)BirthRichard Matvichuk, Canadian ice hockey player
February 5th, 1973 (February 05 1973)BirthTrijntje Oosterhuis, Dutch singer
February 5th, 1972 (February 05 1972)EventBob Douglas becomes the first African American elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.
February 5th, 1972 (February 05 1972)BirthMary, Crown Princess of Denmark
February 5th, 1972 (February 05 1972)BirthKoriki Choshu, Japanese comedian
February 5th, 1972 (February 05 1972)DeathMarianne Moore, American poet (born in 1887)Marianne Moore Quotes
February 5th, 1971 (February 05 1971)EventApollo program: Apollo 14 MissionAlan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell aboard LM, Antares land on the Moon at Fra Mauro formation.
February 5th, 1971 (February 05 1971)BirthSara Evans, American singer Evans Quotes
February 5th, 1970 (February 05 1970)DeathRudy York, American baseball player (born in 1913)
February 5th, 1969 (February 05 1969)BirthBobby Brown, American singer
February 5th, 1969 (February 05 1969)BirthMichael Sheen, Welsh actor
February 5th, 1969 (February 05 1969)DeathThelma Ritter, American actress (born in 1905)
February 5th, 1968 (February 05 1968)EventVietnam War: Battle of Khe Sanh begins.
February 5th, 1968 (February 05 1968)BirthRoberto Alomar, baseball player
February 5th, 1968 (February 05 1968)BirthEy?or Gu?jonsson, Icelandic actor
February 5th, 1968 (February 05 1968)BirthNir Kabaretti, Israeli conductor
February 5th, 1967 (February 05 1967)BirthChris Parnell, American actor
February 5th, 1967 (February 05 1967)DeathLeon Leonwood Bean, American department store founder (born in 1872)
February 5th, 1966 (February 05 1966)BirthRok Petrovic, Slovenian skier (died in 1993)
February 5th, 1966 (February 05 1966)BirthApostolos Nanos, Greek archer
February 5th, 1965 (February 05 1965)BirthGheorghe Hagi, Romanian footballer
February 5th, 1964 (February 05 1964)BirthAlexia, Cypriot singer
February 5th, 1964 (February 05 1964)BirthLaura Linney, American actress
February 5th, 1964 (February 05 1964)BirthDuff McKagan, American musician
February 5th, 1963 (February 05 1963)BirthSteven Shainberg, American film director
February 5th, 1962 (February 05 1962)EventFrench President Charles De Gaulle calls for allowing Algeria to be an independent nation.Charles de Gaulle Quotes
February 5th, 1962 (February 05 1962)BirthJennifer Jason Leigh, American actress
February 5th, 1962 (February 05 1962)DeathJacques Ibert, French composer (born in 1890)
February 5th, 1961 (February 05 1961)BirthSavvas Kofidis, Greek footballer and manager
February 5th, 1961 (February 05 1961)BirthTim Meadows, American actor and comedian
February 5th, 1960 (February 05 1960)BirthAris Christofellis, Greek countertenor
February 5th, 1959 (February 05 1959)BirthJennifer Granholm American Politician
February 5th, 1958 (February 05 1958)EventGamel Abdel Nasser is nominated to be the first president of the United Arab Republic.
February 5th, 1958 (February 05 1958)EventA hydrogen bomb known as the Tybee Bomb is lost by the US Air Force off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, never to be recovered.
February 5th, 1957 (February 05 1957)DeathSami Ibrahim Haddad, Lebanese surgeon (born in 1890)
February 5th, 1956 (February 05 1956)BirthHector Rebaque, Mexican racing driver
February 5th, 1956 (February 05 1956)BirthBetty Ong, flight attendant that died on September 11, 2001, on American Airlines Flight 11
February 5th, 1955 (February 05 1955)BirthMike Heath, baseball player
February 5th, 1954 (February 05 1954)BirthCliff Martinez, American musician
February 5th, 1953 (February 05 1953)BirthJohn Beilein, American basketball coach
February 5th, 1952 (February 05 1952)BirthDaniel Balavoine, French singer and songwriter (died in 1986)
February 5th, 1948 (February 05 1948)BirthSven-Goran Eriksson, Swedish football manager
February 5th, 1948 (February 05 1948)BirthChristopher Guest, American actor
February 5th, 1948 (February 05 1948)BirthBarbara Hershey, American actress
February 5th, 1948 (February 05 1948)BirthErrol Morris, American film directorErrol Morris Quotes
February 5th, 1948 (February 05 1948)DeathJohannes Blaskowitz, German general (born in 1883)
February 5th, 1947 (February 05 1947)BirthDarrell Waltrip, American race car driver
February 5th, 1946 (February 05 1946)EventThe Chondoist Chongu Party is founded in North Korea.
February 5th, 1946 (February 05 1946)BirthCharlotte Rampling, British actress
February 5th, 1946 (February 05 1946)DeathGeorge Arliss, English actor (born in 1868)
February 5th, 1945 (February 05 1945)EventWorld War II: General Douglas MacArthur returns to Manila.Douglas MacArthur Quotes
February 5th, 1944 (February 05 1944)BirthAl Kooper, American musician
February 5th, 1943 (February 05 1943)BirthNolan Bushnell, American video game pioneer
February 5th, 1943 (February 05 1943)BirthMichael Mann, American film director
February 5th, 1943 (February 05 1943)BirthCraig Morton, American football player
February 5th, 1942 (February 05 1942)BirthRoger Staubach, American football player
February 5th, 1942 (February 05 1942)BirthCory Wells, American singer (Three Dog Night)
February 5th, 1941 (February 05 1941)BirthJane Bryant Quinn, American journalist
February 5th, 1941 (February 05 1941)BirthStephen J. Cannell, American television producer and writer
February 5th, 1941 (February 05 1941)BirthDavid Selby, American actor
February 5th, 1941 (February 05 1941)BirthKaspar Villiger, Swiss Federal Councilor
February 5th, 1941 (February 05 1941)DeathBanjo Paterson, Australian poet, author of "Walzing Matilda" (born in 1864)
February 5th, 1940 (February 05 1940)BirthH.R. Giger, Swiss artist
February 5th, 1938 (February 05 1938)DeathHans Litten, German jurist (born in 1903)
February 5th, 1937 (February 05 1937)BirthStuart Damon, American actor
February 5th, 1937 (February 05 1937)BirthGaston Roelants, Belgian athlete
February 5th, 1937 (February 05 1937)BirthWang Xuan, Chinese scientist (died in 2006)An Wang Quotes
February 5th, 1937 (February 05 1937)DeathLou Andreas-Salome, Russian-born writer (born in 1861)
February 5th, 1934 (February 05 1934)BirthDon Cherry, Canadian hockey commentator
February 5th, 1934 (February 05 1934)BirthHank Aaron, American baseball player
February 5th, 1933 (February 05 1933)BirthJorn Donner, Finnish writer/director
February 5th, 1932 (February 05 1932)BirthCesare MaldiniItalian footballer and manager
February 5th, 1930 (February 05 1930)BirthJohn A. Gambling, American radio show host (died in 2004)
February 5th, 1929 (February 05 1929)BirthLuc Ferrari, French composer (died in 2005)
February 5th, 1929 (February 05 1929)BirthFred Sinowatz, Austrian politician
February 5th, 1929 (February 05 1929)BirthAl Worthington, baseball player
February 5th, 1928 (February 05 1928)BirthAndrew Greeley, American priest and novelist
February 5th, 1927 (February 05 1927)BirthRuth Fertel, American entrepreneur (died in 2002)
February 5th, 1927 (February 05 1927)DeathInayat Khan, Indian sufi
February 5th, 1924 (February 05 1924)EventThe Royal Greenwich Observatory begin broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the Greenwich Time Signal or the "BBC pips".
February 5th, 1923 (February 05 1923)BirthClaude King, American musician
February 5th, 1922 (February 05 1922)BirthAlain de Changy, Belgian racing driver (died in 1994)
February 5th, 1922 (February 05 1922)DeathSlavoljub Eduard Penkala, Croatian inventor (born in 1871)
February 5th, 1922 (February 05 1922)DeathChristiaan De Wet, South African general (born in 1854)
February 5th, 1921 (February 05 1921)BirthJohn Pritchard, British conductor (died in 1989)
February 5th, 1920 (February 05 1920)BirthFrank Muir, British comedian (died in 1998)
February 5th, 1919 (February 05 1919)EventCharlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith launch United Artists.Charlie Chaplin Quotes
February 5th, 1919 (February 05 1919)BirthRed Buttons, American actor (died in 2006)
February 5th, 1919 (February 05 1919)BirthAndreas Papandreou, Greek politician, Prime Minister of Greece (died in 1996)
February 5th, 1919 (February 05 1919)BirthTim Holt, American actor (died in 1973)
February 5th, 1918 (February 05 1918)EventStephen W. Thompson shot down a German airplane. It was the first aerial victory by the U.S. military.
February 5th, 1917 (February 05 1917)EventThe current constitution of Mexico is adopted, establishing a federal republic with powers separated into independent executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
February 5th, 1917 (February 05 1917)EventThe Congress of the United States passes a law, over President Woodrow Wilson s veto, banning most Asian immigration to the United States.
February 5th, 1917 (February 05 1917)DeathJaber II Al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait (born in 1860)
February 5th, 1915 (February 05 1915)BirthRobert Hofstadter, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1990)
February 5th, 1915 (February 05 1915)DeathRoss Barnes, baseball player (born in 1850)
February 5th, 1914 (February 05 1914)BirthWilliam S. Burroughs, American author (died in 1997)William S. Burroughs Quotes
February 5th, 1914 (February 05 1914)BirthAlan Lloyd Hodgkin, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1998)
February 5th, 1911 (February 05 1911)BirthJussi Bjorling, Swedish tenor (died in 1960)
February 5th, 1910 (February 05 1910)BirthFrancisco Varallo, Argentine footballer
February 5th, 1910 (February 05 1910)BirthCharles Leblond, Canadian Cell Biologist (died in 2007)
February 5th, 1908 (February 05 1908)BirthDaisy and Violet Hilton, British conjoined twins (died in 1969)
February 5th, 1906 (February 05 1906)BirthJohn Carradine, American actor (died in 1988)
February 5th, 1903 (February 05 1903)BirthJoan Whitney Payson, American heiress (died in 1975)
February 5th, 1900 (February 05 1900)EventThe United States and the United Kingdom sign treaty for Panama Canal
February 5th, 1900 (February 05 1900)BirthAdlai Stevenson, American politician (died in 1965)Adlai Stevenson Quotes
February 5th, 1892 (February 05 1892)DeathEmilie Flygare-Carlen, Swedish novelist (born in 1807)
February 5th, 1889 (February 05 1889)BirthErnest Tyldesley, British cricketer (died in 1962)
February 5th, 1885 (February 05 1885)EventKing Leopold II of Belgium establishes the Congo as a personal possession.
February 5th, 1881 (February 05 1881)DeathThomas Carlyle, Scottish writer and historian (born in 1795)Thomas Carlyle Quotes
February 5th, 1880 (February 05 1880)BirthGabriel Voisin, French aviation pioneer (died in 1973)
February 5th, 1878 (February 05 1878)BirthAndre Citroen, French automobile pioneer (died in 1935)
February 5th, 1859 (February 05 1859)EventWallachia and Moldavia are united under Alexander John Cuza as the United Principalities.
February 5th, 1848 (February 05 1848)BirthJoris-Karl Huysmans, French author (died in 1907)
February 5th, 1848 (February 05 1848)BirthBelle Starr, American outlaw (died in 1889)
February 5th, 1848 (February 05 1848)BirthIgnacio Carrera Pinto, Chilean war hero (died in 1882)
February 5th, 1840 (February 05 1840)BirthJohn Boyd Dunlop, Scottish inventor (died in 1921)John Scott Quotes
February 5th, 1840 (February 05 1840)BirthHiram Stevens Maxim, American inventor (Maxim gun) (died in 1916)
February 5th, 1837 (February 05 1837)BirthDwight L. Moody, American evangelist (died in 1899)
February 5th, 1818 (February 05 1818)EventJean-Baptiste Bernadotte ascends to the thrones of Sweden and Norway.
February 5th, 1810 (February 05 1810)BirthOle Bull, Norwegian violinist (died in 1880)
February 5th, 1808 (February 05 1808)BirthCarl Spitzweg, German painter (died in 1885)
February 5th, 1807 (February 05 1807)DeathPasquale Paoli, Corsican patriot and military leader (born in 1725)
February 5th, 1804 (February 05 1804)BirthJohan Ludvig Runeberg, Finnish poet (died in 1877)
February 5th, 1795 (February 05 1795)BirthWilhelm Karl Ritter von Haidinger, Austrian mineralogist (died in 1871)
February 5th, 1790 (February 05 1790)DeathWilliam Cullen, Scottish physician and chemist (born in 1710)
February 5th, 1788 (February 05 1788)BirthRobert Peel, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1850)
February 5th, 1784 (February 05 1784)BirthNancy Hanks Lincoln, mother of Abraham Lincoln (died in 1818)Abraham Lincoln Quotes
February 5th, 1782 (February 05 1782)EventSpanish defeat British forces and capture Minorca.
February 5th, 1778 (February 05 1778)EventSouth Carolina becomes the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation.
February 5th, 1775 (February 05 1775)DeathEusebius Amort, German Catholic theologian (born in 1692)
February 5th, 1766 (February 05 1766)DeathLeopold Josef Graf Daun, Austrian field marshal (born in 1705)
February 5th, 1725 (February 05 1725)BirthJames Otis, American lawyer and patriot (died in 1783)James Otis Quotes
February 5th, 1705 (February 05 1705)DeathPhilipp Jakob Spener, German theologian (born in 1635)
February 5th, 1703 (February 05 1703)BirthGilbert Tennent, Irish-born religious leader (died in 1764)
February 5th, 1650 (February 05 1650)BirthAnne-Jules, French general (died in 1708)
February 5th, 1631 (February 05 1631)EventRoger Williams emigrates to Boston.Roger Williams Quotes
February 5th, 1626 (February 05 1626)BirthMarie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de Sevigne, French author (died in 1696)
February 5th, 1608 (February 05 1608)BirthGaspar Schott, German mathematician (died in 1666)
February 5th, 1597 (February 05 1597)EventA group of early Japanese Christians are killed by the new government of Japan for being seen as a threat to Japanese society.
February 5th, 1589 (February 05 1589)BirthEsteban Manuel de Villegas, Spanish poet (died in 1669)
February 5th, 1578 (February 05 1578)DeathGiambattista Moroni, Italian painter
February 5th, 1576 (February 05 1576)EventHenry of Navarre converts to Roman Catholicism in order to ensure his right to the throne of France.
February 5th, 1534 (February 05 1534)BirthGiovanni de Bardi, Italian writer (died in 1612)
February 5th, 1520 (February 05 1520)DeathSten Sture the Younger, regent of Sweden (born in 1493)
February 5th, 1519 (February 05 1519)BirthRene of Chalon, (died in 1544)
February 5th, 1505 (February 05 1505)BirthAegidius Tschudi, Swiss historian (died in 1572)
February 5th, 0995 (February 05 0995)DeathWilliam IV, Duke of Aquitaine (born in 937)
February 5th, 0976 (February 05 0976)BirthSanjo, Emperor of Japan (died in 1017)

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